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WaterLarm Moisture & Leak Detection System

With the WaterLarm Moisture & Leak Detection System you will instantly know if there is the slightest condensation or water leak. Water damage in large buildings can be a costly repair. The WaterLarm Series represents a whole new standard for building safety. Drawing on some of the most innovative detection technologies ever developed, the WaterLarm Series offers features and benefits reserved exclusively for large budget systems – until now.

Water damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars if not detected in a timely manner. If an unoccupied residence has an undetected water leak, many adjacent residents will suffer the consequences. A minor leak can go undetected for several months causing mold to grow. Mold spreads throughout the living space leading to serious health consequences.

  • Centralized Water Detection
  • Central Station Monitors
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U.S. Patent # US 8,922,379 B1
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