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WaterLarm Leak Detection Monitoring

WaterLarm leak detection monitoring provides multiple solutions with multi-user notification to ensure your building is monitored 24/7/365. The WaterLarm water damage prevention monitoring also provides automatic shutoff systems that will shut down the water supply at the source of the leak utilizing an automatic valve system on the risers. Our systems are designed to provide instant notification to all essential building staff within the first detection of moisture in the building. Whether you need to notify the building manager, unit owner, the building owner, security or all of the above; WaterLarm leak detection systems has a solution for you.

WaterLarm leak detection system monitoring is handled at both the building level as well as our central monitoring facility. Our monitoring facility operates 24/7/365 to receive inbound signals within a matter of seconds; allowing us to notify you quickly and preventing costly damage caused by water leaks spreading throughout the building.

Commercial Property Owners and Managers

Does the potential damage caused by flood and water damage have you concerned? Undetected water leaks can pose a threat in a variety of situations for commercial property owners and managers; whether it is from a vacant unit, an unoccupied space overnight or over the weekend, or other common issues such as water line breaks, overflowing toilets and more. The potential for multi-unit damage, if left unchecked, can be astronomical and lead to high insurance claims and premiums.

With WaterLarm leak detection monitoring, not only will you be notified immediately in the event of a water leak; our water damage prevention systems can shut off the source of the leak upon the triggering of the water leak detection alarm.

For more information regarding WaterLarm’s leak detection and water damage prevention systems for commercial applications please call 1-844-321-5325.

Condo & Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings, multi-family property units and condo associations face a very unique situation when it comes to preventing water damage from spreading throughout the building. In most cases, each unit within the building is owned and operated by individual owners with different occupancy schedules. This poses a great threat of a single leak causing extensive damages to multiple units before being detected and address.

Problem solved! With a WaterLarm leak detection system each unit is monitored for leak detection to prevent costly insurance claims and premium hikes. Upon the smallest detection of a leak, the unit owner and building management is allowing the issue to be addressed immediately. This provides a two-fold benefit that not only prevents individual unit damage but also provides insight into possible leaks in similar units.

Protect your condominium or apartment complex from unnecessary water damage by installing a WaterLarm leak detection system today. Please call 1-844-321-5325 to receive more information today. Ask about our automatic shutoff systems to stop leaks at the source.

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